COCO's Birthday Party & Engagement

♫♪♫ Happy DOG-day to you... ♫♪♫ Happy DOG-day to you... On Saturday February 27th, we celebrated COCO's 1st Birthday and the engagement between Keeler & COCO as well.

There were 9 dog-invitees. My cousin Nathalie prepared the COCO Wall of Fame, where the photoshoot took place accordingly and also the doggie detail on the Hot-dogs.

The four sexy Beverly Hills Chihuahua's, Nikita Goilo, Taquita Tromp, Tinkerbell van Rossum & Candy Verhelst, together with Missy Samson-Frans, Tutty Tromp, Keeler Frans & COCO Crafton......, they had a blast.

The cakes and the cupcakes were made of Dog food & Peanut Butter (for dogs like peanut butter to chew on). Oh yes; we did our survey The bone-shaped cake was for COCO's 1st Birthday, and the heart-shaped cake was to celebrate the engagement. All oven-baked by my brother in law
Octavio. Ingredients: (original) Cake ingredients, Dog food (also canned dog food) & real Bacon.

Hostess: Nelly Tromp
Conductor of the Seremony: Rina Penso
Parent of Keeler: Richny & Libia Frans
Parents of COCO: Agmeth & Monique Crafton

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